Combination Trailers



This is the finest vacuum trailer made today. This product follows our prevailing principles of simplicity and serviceability. The components used are time-tested and un-exotic, this translates to long-lasting equipment. We have simplified this down to ensure its longevity in municipal and contractor applications. The diesel-powered vacuum system provides power to get small and large jobs done when others can't. Let us know if we can build one specifically for your application. 


  • Polymer-coated Frame and Tank Assemblies

  • Rolled Aluminum Water Tanks

  • Diesel-powered blower and water pump

  • Hydraulic Articulating & Extendable Boom

  • Cyclone filtration package

  • Positive displacement blower

  • Hydraulic valve control bank


  • Additional Extension length on boom

  • Additional water tank capacity

  • Larger water system

  • Rear-mounted Reel assembly (mini-combo option)

  • Additional debris tank assembly

  • Wireless and pendant remote

  • Retractable reel assemblies

  • Heavy-duty axle assemblies

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Rear door mounted pump off package